Salati Windows Phone App


Salati is a Windows Phone app that let you manage and track Salat ( Islamic Pray ) times during the day, whatever your location is. App can work to schedule Salat times automatically or manually.

To use the app use setting view to set the following items :


Set Location :

 Let you set the current location of your phone to state the City, Country, Time Zone, Latitude and longitude. These parameters can be set automatically by pressing the search button and then save button, or by entering current parameters manually and then save setting.

Set Calculation Method :

Pray time use different methods to calculate pray time up on the desired Islamic calculation method, this view let you choose the right method you need for calculation, choose one and then save setting.

Set Adhan Alarm :

Adhan Alarm is a service to set the phone alarm to notify you for each pray time event. This option would let you to use the app freely, either to get a reference for the pray time or to extend the usage of app to remind you with Adhan voice for each Salat time event when it comes.

Set Adhan Voice :

This option let you change or set your own Adhan voice to be played by Adhan alarm at the event time. Choose your favourite adhan voice from list then save setting to set Adhan voice.
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